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Security is nowadays of particular importance in all areas. To guarantee the safety of your consignment DUS Cargo Logistics has introduced the following measures:

Access Controls:

  • All entrances to the warehouses and security areas are electronically protected. They can only be accessed with a valid company ID.
  • The access points to the apron are under surveillance of qualified security personnel 24 hours per day. Access is only possible with an ID or a special permit and after rigorous body checks.

Theft Protection:

  • The indoor and outdoor facilities are kept under surveillance around the clock by means of state-of-the-art cameras.
  • A total of 78 cameras safeguards unbroken surveillance of the consignments.
  • A special strong room (VAL) is available for especially valuable consignments.

Freight Check:

  • We can examine single consignments and ULDs by means of an ultra-modern X-ray apparatus.
  • The SMITHS-Heimann apparatus complies with the valid requirements of the Luftfahrtbundesamtes (LBA / German Federal Aviation Administration).
  • Operated by specially trained security personnel. They fulfill the strict require ments of the LBA with regard to the stipulations for "regulated agent".