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Vision & Mission

ALD's vision and mission is on the one hand to transform competitive necessity into competitive advantage, and to sharpen client's sense-and-respond capability so she/he can answer with agility and speed to virtually any customer demand, market opportunity or threat. On the other hand to provide the highest level of personalised service, adapting products to meet the needs of individual customers and mandators. From initial contact to the implementation of service packages, customers can expect swift and efficient response from the Company's team of dedicated professionals.

ALD brings professional intelligence to the commercial requirements of its clients, is determined to ultimate support, consultation, and full-scale performance. To-day's industry leaders have to see past curves in the road to successfully manoeuvre around what lies ahead, i.e. move away from static supply chain and make the step to a dynamic and responsive on demand chain.

Whether you are looking for cargo, passenger, industrial project or turnkey transportation solutions, ALD makes sure that your requirements and needs gets in front of the people who matter - all of this within minutes. Furthermore, customers have significantly influenced Company's development.

ALD followed customers also as mediator on the route of their development throulgh a process of permanent insemination of skills and permanent chain of learning by doing. So the

expansion on the area of system alliances and, last but not least, international counselling, mergers & acquisitions and worldwide trading.

The permanent challenge is to cultivate ALD as a watchword for dependability with customers and suppliers. We plainly employ our capabilities by the benchmarks fairness, creativity and efficiency - like dominoes, arranging them consistently and with careful consideration.

The ALD quality portfolio is primarily composed of worldwide partners in air, sea, land, rail & multi modal transportation systems & services. Demand for services of the kind offered by ALD remains strong and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. ALD is now well positioned to build on its success to date and move into the next phase of its expansion.