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Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf International is the airport for North Rhine Westphalia. The air traffic of RhineRuhr Area concentrates on the airport of the state capital from where the most air routes are available as well as a close European net, and more and more intercontinental flights. Up to 70,000 passengers are frequenting the airport on a daily basis.

Air transportation is our core business, but not our only business segment. We are more than an airport, we are a modern business park, a venue and convention area, a world of experiences with multifaceted shopping areas and gastronomy, a location for interesting events, and --last but not least -- an appealing destination.

According to a survey of Lufthansa this region is an economic area, which is the seventh giggest in the world. 18 million people are living in the patch of the airport within a 100 kilometre distance. Within Europe the settlement of this region is comparable to London and Paris in regards to structure. Düsseldorf as a region comes third in regards to gross domestic product, right after London and Paris.

Düsseldorf International is not only a successful company; it is also a major economic factor and one of the most important employers of the region. Actually it is the biggest workplace of Dusseldorf. There are round about 15.900 jobs at approximately 220 companies and departments. Just within the last year 900 new jobs have been created, which come along with additional economic effects for the whole region. The empirical formula says: one new job at the airport, results in at least two more jobs for the region. Overall round about 50.000 jobs of the region depends ont he existenceof the airport.